Every day, you negotiate deals, disagreements, and relationships to grow your business and be more profitable. How do you ensure the result you want is the result you'll get?

We are your bridge to negotiation success.


Our Unique Blend of Art, Creativity, Science & Strategy

Effective negotiation requires discipline, flexibility, patience, nuance and, at times, improvisation.

Success at the negotiation table – however you define it – is the result of the right preparation, the right strategy, the right process, and the right emotional intelligence. Using a proprietary process and approach, Strongbridge Negotiation Strategists will help you understand and apply this critical mix of skills and insights to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our Process

Training, Workshops & Advisory Services 

Regardless of title or industry, everyone negotiates – but not everyone is adequately prepared or capable of seizing the initiative.

Strongbridge Negotiation Strategists offer customized on-site training, workshops, and individual coaching that empower people to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our consultants also provide behind-the-scenes advice to large corporations, small businesses, government agencies and departments, and non-profits involved in important negotiations.

Our Services

Meet the Strongbridge Negotiation Strategists

Our decades of experience include high-stakes deals, litigation and legal disputes, and everyday transactions and agreements.

Richard Hurford and Paul Monicatti have assisted parties in hundreds of matters including collective bargaining, corporate acquisitions and divestitures, the resolution of lawsuits, and supplier contracts. We have encountered and employed a variety of negotiating styles, tactics, and approaches – now we welcome the opportunity to share them with you.

Our Strategists